The looks from designers such cheap ralph lauren shirts

Have clothes this spring Mary alice stephenson, fashion director for harper's bazaar, appeared on good morning america to review the top four fall 2002 trends that she spotted during fashion week in new york, which just ended.It was the first fashion preview since last spring because the shows that would have happened this fall were scheduled to begin on sept.11. The looks included in the gma fashion show are not cheap but anyone can look to the styles for inspiration before they go on a shopping spree, stephenson said. Romantic blouse:A romantic ruffled blouse belted at the waist worn over a long white skirt is the perfect example of romantic feminine dressing.The whole look was by ralph lauren, but you can find similar blouses anywhere. Color:Retrostyle jersey dresses cling to the body and feature blocks of bright color.These are available in many stores in all price ranges.The designer of the dress featured on the show was marc jacobs. Blazer:The tailored look will be big this spring, with the blazer serving as a key accessory.A winter white blazer should be a wardrobe staple, stephenson said.The outfit on the show was designed by calvin klein, and included shorts and flat grecian sandals, but the blazer can also be worn with khakis.Flats will be very popular for the spring. Trench coat:Don't leave home without a trench coat this spring, stephenson said.A simple, classic coat in khaki, white or black can be purchased anywhere and is a very wise buy.The outfit featured on the show was designed by donna karan. Firefighter Free Next Day In-Store Delivery and menswear inspire fall looks One of the fashion trends for this fall was inspired by the hero firefighters of sept.11.The father of charles nolan, the fashion director for anne klein, is a retired fireman, and the designer is showing a firefighterinspired jacket.It is a black and blue wool coat with alternating stripes and big buckles. Designer michael kors offered casual luxury in his new line, with looks suitable for sporty weekend getaways.It included aspeninspired looks such as cashmere turtlenecks, big bags, roomier clothes, and some fur such as a sable vest trimmed with denim.They are luxurious items that can be worn forever, and are good for mixing with what you have. There is also a return to men's inspired wear for women.The looks from designers such cheap ralph lauren shirts as ralph lauren and narciso rodriguez include fitted jackets, pencil skirts, all with long and lean classic shapes.The key colors are black and white. Another fall look is the embellished look, seen in oscar de la renta's and bill blass' fall lines, which emphasize a romantic bohemian look.The clothes themselves are simple, but the accessories are not.The material is beaded, sequined and trimmed in fur, with moroccan, russian and african influences.Feminine looks, including poet blouses, ruffles and lace are also part of the trend.


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