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Crafty ladies' handmade gifts pay tribute to veterans naples daily news Crafty ladies mission circle, a group of women from the east naples methodist church, crocheted, quilted, knitted and sewed all year to make lap robes and"Ditty bags"For disabled veterans living in collier county assistedliving facilities.By veterans' day, chick here they had 79 sets, and they set out to deliver them to the vets. At windsor place on goodlettefrank road, with 18 military veterans, those who were up to it assembled in the general purpose room to receive their gifts and meet some of the people who made them.Bob schultz, a former pilot, immediately started making wisecracks it's a fair bet he did the same with his flying squadron 60 years ago. Despite the ribbing, it was clear the handmade items were wellappreciated.Art segal, an army bugler who, he said, sounded retreat on ve day for the troops in rome, came back into the room and thanked the ladies with a tear in his eye. The lap robes provide welcome warmth, and the ditty bags are made to attach louboutin pas cher femme to a wheelchair or walker, or the side of a bed, to hold personal items.A couple of men fastened them to their chairs on the spot, with the assistance of the windsor place staff.In addition, the ladies from the church presented each man and woman an american flag. June bailey, who initiated the quilt program three years ago, read a poem thanking the former soldiers, sailors and airmen for their service. "It is the veteran, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion,"She read. "It is the veteran, not the reporter who has given us freedom of the press. " Neither the poet, the campus organizer, the lawyer, nor the politician has given us our rights, said hall. "We love you, we really care, we've never forgotten you.We want to shake your hands and thank you,"She concluded. Donald larogue, about to turn 96, was too ill to come to the general purpose room, so crafty ladies, assisted by the rev.Jim thomas, pastor of east naples methodist church, took his gifts to him. "This is very nice of you,"Larogue told rosie hall in a voice hoarse with a cold.In the second world war, he served in the infantry and the army medical corps.Hall served as distribution chairman this year for crafty ladies. Veteran lee pottersmith said that in five christian louboutin pompes pas cher years with what was then called the army air corps, before it became a separate branch of the service as the air force, he never got 500 miles away from home.Richard hughes, 92, who served in the royal canadian armed forces, but was included in the gift program regardless, said"As far as i know, no one ever shot at me"During his time in the service. "It's really nice when the community takes time to remember,"Said windsor place administrator and director of nursing silvia landry. "A lot of the time, old people just get forgotten.And they're very patriotic. " In all, 24 women worked to create the quilts and ditty bags given to the veterans.The sunday before the presentations,"Pastor jim"Blessed the robes in a ceremony at the church.Asked when the quilting, crocheting and knitting would begin for next year's contributions, bailey and hall both answered at once. Related Links:

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