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Housekeeper had jumped at possibility to live rent Only alist style designers and division stores would do christian louboutin and another 1, 189 atwhile her boss was away touring the world with his u2 bandmates leaving hawkins in charge of his south co dublin home she was enjoying firstclass flights to her own foreign sojourns within the south of france, new york and italy. The mother of two lavished money on her children, as well, spending over 21, 000 on a new vw golf for her son joe and lodging pretty much 20, 000 into a british bank account inside the name of her daughter eleanor. In his proof, mr clayton mentioned he believed she was funding her children's education at his expense when she spent 26, 000 at the new york film academy and 13, 000 in the instuto marangoni in venice. In an orgy of spending, hawkins splurged thousands on topend dentistry, jewellery and restaurants.However, the housekeeper was soon miaelkorssaleonline becoming even more audacious in her purchasing sprees. Whilst it may have already been doable to hide 1, 200 spent on wellness products or devise a function pretext for operating up a telephone bill of eight, 100, some of her purchases have been impossibly extravagant to get a personal assistant's meagre indicates. It was generally going to be difficult to conceal the 310, 000 she splashed out on a new york apartment or the 434, 000 she blew on a steady of 22 racehorses.By this time, hawkins was inside a spiral of spending and her marriage was in tatters. Hawkins, initially from north london, initially met mr clayton while running a modest hotel with her husband inside the caribbean.It was Christmas 1992 plus the weary businesswoman confessed to her megastar guest that she was tired of life inside the sun and wanted to iaelorssaletasen return to europe for the sake of her young children's education. The u2 guitarist mused more than this conversation through the following months.He was"Fed up"Returning dwelling from touring to his georgian mansion, danesmoate, in rathfarnham, and discovering the electricity reduce off.He wanted somebody to stock the fridge, do a bit of cooking and retain the residence ticking more than.With her hotel experience, he believed hawkins may possibly fit the bill. She jumped in the chance of living rent totally free within a rock star's dwelling and mr clayton employed her husband to perform some driving for him.Even though initially employed as a housekeeper, hawkins gained her employer's trust to be promoted to his personal assistant with access to his bank accounts. The u2 guitarist was an understanding boss.When hawkins split from her husband about 2007, mr clayton continued to spend her the full salary of your two.On the other hand, in 2008, when she broke down and confessed to spending 13, 000 of his cash on airline flights with no his permission, mr clayton was"Rattled". She told him she was suicidal following the breakup of her marriage and had taken an overdose.Right after weighing up the years of loyal service she had shown him, mr clayton decided not to fire her.They agreed that hawkins would spend him back 500 a month. But that 13, 000 would prove to be just a drop in the ocean. To the bitter end, hawkins has maintained her innocence.But she cut a sorry figure as she hurried in and out of court with a green scarf wrapped about her face and only her solicitor to accompany her. Related Links:

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